Fairy Tales 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


These stories were very interesting takes on the fairy tale genre. By putting these classic characters in a modern setting and domain everything is changed. Obviously, we would expect interactions and reactions in this new and strange setting (as far as the characters are concerned) to be wholly different from what we might expect in classic fairy tale settings, and these stories do not disappoint.

Something that stood out to me were the obvious stabs at somewhat old and outdated ideals. For instance, when Snow White and Prince Charming get divorced, the entire notion of happily ever after is shattered. Likely the fact that divorce is such a prevalent end to marriage in this modern day and age played a part in influencing this particular aspect of the story. In this sense, Fables kind of makes the statement that these might be the same characters, but this is not the same old story we've read time and time again.

There were also other very interesting aspects, like the reformed Big Bad Wolf. Again, this is like a stab at classic fairy tale ideals, but in a more positive way. It shows the healing power of society and promotes the idea that people (or wolves) can become good. Additionally, it seems Willingham tries to eliminate the stigma that is associated with people who were once guilty of misdeeds by allowing the wolf to transform into a human. In that sense, his outside change is a physical manifestation of his inside change and shows that the transformation is legitimate.

All in all, I enjoyed the transplantation of these famous and aged characters in a modern setting. It provided for some interesting story lines.

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  1. I agree that the twists presented on classic fairy tales was refreshing. For so long fairy tales have been censored to for children, but I like that this is a return to fairy tales as stories for adults as they were originally meant to beI appreciate the modern setting because the bustling impressional climate of Manhattan or murders on the news is something we can relate to, unfortunately. Even the morals, like the one you discussed with the Wolf, are to complex for children, thus is meant for our age group +. I would happily read more of these because of the new take of fairy tales.